First Gear Prep for Fifth Gear Performance

Breakfast can be challenging, or so the rumor goes. What do we eat? How much?

Options are plentiful, but simplicity always works best for all of us. Here’s a simple solution for getting a morning mouthful of carbs & protein to make the movements of our days even more dynamic. My ingredient preferences might not work for you, but even a casual glance will show you where you can make necessary improvements & substitutions.

Raspberries 3

  • Toast . . . I use simple bread, some wheatish concoction of sugary slicery, but you could certainly substitute your English Muffins, or whatever you need, to make you plate more palatable.
  • Peanut Butter . . . I’m a Peter Pan man, but hey, use whatever nutbutter variety works best for you & your dietary concerns
  • Honey . . . local, preferably & encouragingly
  • Raspberries . . . my favorite berry, but any will do. Blueberries, blackberries, whatever is in season, whatever is available
  • Bacon . . . rarely is a morning meal complete without it
  • Coffee . . . (not pictured) Do you really need to ask?

Yes, it really is that simple. A low-effort breakfast that yields high-energy results.

Bon apetit & Semper Fortis,