plaid kbWe practice a kettlebell-centric system of movement, one that spirals out into a comprehensive total-body training philosophy. We also embrace the use of barbells & dumbbells, bodyweight pulls & presses & propulsion. We believe in the tried & tested methods of strength, endurance, power, mobility & flexibility enhancement. We practice them daily. As our motto indicates, we are Students of Many, Disciples of None.

In ancient times athletes trained in a Palaestra, a public place for athletic development, usually in open-air spaces. At North Atlanta Kettlebell we continue this tradition, preferring to tighten, tone & develop our muscles by the light of the sun and among the tidy & timely growth of nature. In modern terms, we are only a gym in the nomadic sense. Wanderers with purpose. Vagabonds with intent.

There is no need to contact us for pricing . . . much like our roaming Palaestra, we are always free & available to the public. If you would like to contact us for other reasons, please e-mail us through CraseFit@gmail.com

Our website is currently being subjected to a major overhaul, a significant revamping. Check back often and explore frequently . . . the spark you need to ignite your training might just be a click away.

Semper Fortis,


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