Dropping the Rut, Not the Routine

Even when we shift our mindset & application from Workout to Practice, we still face the danger of encountering Burnout & Boredom . . . two bumbling scoundrels we never want to face in group or alone. All too often we think in sets & reps & schemes & themes, and all too often we linger there too long.

One method to outwit these dastardly & buffoonish scoundrels is to string together a routine to foil their likely ambush & inevitable sabotage. As with anything that works, this isn’t the only way, but it is a way when a way is undeniably needed.

The video below, Kettlebell Routine Practice, strings together several movements that will keep your muscles firing, and add a seductive amount of variety to your established discipline.

  1. The first movement is a Kettlebell Deadlift, very easy with this low of a weight, but a good introduction nonetheless.
  2. Next, we engage our delts in a high pull, of sorts.
  3. Then, we drop into an Ass-to-Grass Squat, and roll onto our back.
  4. Rock forward, still holding the Kettlebell at the high-pull level, and stand in one fluid motion.
  5. Another Ass-to-Grass Squat sets us up for a weighted jump.
  6. Safely park the Kettlebell and align yourself for a KB Snatch.
  7. At the apex of the Snatch, step forward into a lunge with the opposite leg.
  8. Recover by standing, then lower the Kettlebell slowly to your shoulder.
  9. Single-arm Swing to mid-air-switch and repeat the Snatch-to-Lunge on the other side.
  10. Park the Kettlebell, snap, clap & celebrate (optional)

Again, this is just one method among many capable of beating the ambush set by Burnout & Boredom, and these movements are just an example of what we can string together to keep our muscles lively & happy.

Lift well & often,


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