Getting Over the Hump

Sometimes it’s all we can do to get past a bad situation. We give our all just to get through to the other side and live to fight another day. Well, let me tell you a story about a little someone who might just inspire you to get over your hump and not just survive, but thrive.

Rocky was a little Italian boy who only knew how to solve problems with his hands. No one would ever call him smart, but it was often said that he had a lot of heart. He was a hard worker, but nothing ever seemed to go right for him.


One day he met the man who would become his mentor . . . but he met this mentor under circumstances that would not lead any rational minded person to believe that these two could come close. The mentor’s name was Apollo, and the two met in a ring, a boxing ring.

Watching the match, we can easily see why no one would consider Rocky a smart man. But, we can also see why it was often said he had a lot of heart. After an excruciating match, Rocky lost by a hair’s girth to Apollo, but they would soon rematch, which Rocky won just as closely as he had lost the first match, and things began to pick up for Rocky.

Things picked up so well, Rocky began to get soft over the years. Yes, once his edge made  him great, he let himself dull. This physical deconditioning didn’t matter so much since Rocky had everything he needed for a happy life.

Rocky and Apollo

One of his most cherished possessions was his friendship with his mentor, Apollo. This brings us to the pinnacle of Rocky’s hump he had to find a way over. Apollo had grown tired of feeling older, pampered by money and becoming soft. He did what any self-respecting man would do and found a way back into the fight.

Unfortunately, the fight Apollo strutted confidently back into would be the fight of his life, both of which he would lose in very short order. Another man, a younger, stronger & edgier man, named Drago, defeated Apollo and taunted Rocky from the other side of the hump.

Rocky’s  body might have grown soft, but his heart still held that dangerous edge that once made & kept him so successful. This is what happened next:

So, what can we learn from all this? When life gets tough, make a training montage. Just because Rocky goes to the coldest depths of Russia to train doesn’t mean that we have to dig that deep. No, a training montage will do.

Of course this montage, or any montage, doesn’t end there. We still have to lace up & step in the  ring. Even with a training montage that is second-to-none, Rocky still had to apply his strength & endurance to defeating the monstrous Drago.

Rocky vs Drago

Some people may object and say, Well MY monsters/demons/trouble aren’t as good looking as this Drago character . . . Will a training montage really work for me? The answer is YES, a training montage will TRULY work for anyone, whatever ails ya. Get back to work.



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