15.1 Sets the Stage

15.1 Adrenaline Complex

The first event of the 2015 CrossFit Open, 15.1, is far & away the most inviting start to participate since Glassman & Castro stapled their embryonic flyers to local California telephone poles back in 2007. Double arrow eight years to 2015, and we find Reebok CrossFit One, hailing from Canton, Massachusetts, playing host to the kickoff viewed by thousands & emulated by several times that number.

Just minutes into the party, Director Dave stripped out of his jacket to reveal his #12 New England Jersey, upsetting Seahawks’ fans for nano-seconds to come. He wasted no time revealing that 15.1 would consist of:

  • 15 Toes-to Bars
  • 10 Deadlifts
  • 5 Snatches
    (115lbs for Men, 75lbs for Women.)

in which everyone who registered for the 2015 Open has nine minutes to complete As Many Reps As Possible of the aforementioned movements. Then came the pause . . . the long & lingering pause before announcing that 15.1 has a younger sibling, known hereafter as 15.1a, which demands a 1-rep max Clean & Jerk within the time span of 6 minutes.

The top-2 podium Men’s finishers of 2014, Rich Froning & Mathew Fraser, respectively, battled out 15.1 in barbaric form, staying very tight throughout the first 9 minutes of AMRAP. In the end, Froning pulled into the lead with 224 reps, compared to Fraser’s 221 reps. Then each man loaded his respective bar for the Clean & Jerk showdown.

15.1 Froning V Fraser

Fraser hung back and watched Froning pull 275, which he countered with 295. Froning then jumped up to 300, which was answered by Fraser to the tune of 315. Froning hit 325 with ease, and Fraser took a small lead with 327. In the end, Froning pulled 343 with less than 30 seconds remaining and Fraser went for 345, which he Cleaned, but missed on the Jerk. Again, Froning was the clear champion of the event, but Fraser only fell back by a hair’s sliver.

Stay tuned, subscribe or follow Adrenaline Complex for more enticingly exciting updates throughout the five-week duration of the Open, into Regionals, and do not miss, under any circumventing circumstances, the Games coverage.



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