The Music of Muscle

The Music of MuscleJust to be clear, I’m not a total newb, I have known about Podcasts for a while, but I just now got into ’em . . . like really into ’em.

The topic might be a strange one, a peculiar source of conversation, a questionable conversation of text, but, at risk of sounding like a pitch-crackling fanboy, they are unquestionably good at inspiring motivation & investigation, and all those things we knowingly or un-, crave as a species.

The brand spanking new Gym Jones website has a Knowledge article called Paying for Time. The notion of seeking free advice, or unchallenged mentorship from certain professionals seems to be a hot, tabooic topic. Usually, the answer to Will You Mentor Me is a hearty & resounding ‘No,’ and both Twight & Mohan give convincing reasons why that is so.

Re-enter the atmosphere of Podcasts. I’m a recent convert to the wide & expansive world of Tim Ferriss. As Strength aficionados (I’m guessing . . . I can’t imagine any other reason you’d be here, but that is your thing, not mine), Tim’s interviews with Pavel Tsatsouline & Arnold Schwarzenegger are of significant importance & interest.

Tim is a spectacular example of how Podcasts & mentorship tie in . . . if you’re a fellow-soul of quasi-limited resources, Podcasts are a great way to inherit a TON of information in a short amount of time & effort. Well, maybe not a shortage of effort . . . Podcasts do require that you pay attention, and the follow-up research is a truly a project of a higher dimension.

The guys at Barbell Shrugged always have interesting ways of extracting efficient & beneficial information from interviewees, and I’d definitely recommend checking ’em out, along with Tim Ferriss. The information contained therein is certifiably & literally priceless.

There are other Podcasts I’m beginning to explore . . . sometimes the content sounds promising, but the audio is painfully obtuse, and I’ll likely ramble about the better ones once I have listened to enough to be meaningful & coherent.

What about you? What Podcasts get you going? Do you have a go-to or a favorite Podcast of your own, or one you find particularly interesting & beneficial? If so, share with me and the other friends of Adrenaline Complex by posting in the comments below.

Thank you much for your time & thought!


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