The Discipline of Time

What can make me whole again?

CraseFit '73We sometimes encounter those who get off on smoking themselves or others. It really is fun & games until someone loses an eye, or muscle function, or range of movement, or has to train around some fruitless injury for the next several months, or worse . . . infinite rest days.

No, no, no, buddy-ro! The first question should always be: Where are we going with this? Once we know, or at least make an edumacated guess at that one, the question: What are we doing here? almost answers itself.

There’s nothing wrong with picking up a smoker once a week, maybe every other week, but only after we answer that first question, Where are we going with this?

Our workouts, practices, exercises . . . whatever we call ’em . . . should tax our muscles, not obliterate them. We already know that the only two obstacles between here & there are time & discipline. If we throw our shoulder by going too big too fast, no amount of discipline can counteract the never ending experience of time. Likewise, fast-forwarding through time does not increase our disciplinary prowess. Sometimes it really is as simple as balance.

Most of our workouts should leave us feeling better than we did before wrapping our paws around that cold iron, or pushing the ground away from us, or swinging a kettlebell eclipse against the shining sun.

Many of the workouts we gloss from the pages of magazines or extract from the tomes of muscle literature were likely developed for elite athletes who already possess supernatural athleticism, or at the very least, have already put in the ground work of General Physical Preparedness, and have moved on to Sport Specific Training. We can gather & collect lots of useful information from these shared workouts, but unless we’ve already put in time and developed our discipline, these workouts are better left where we found them.

There are those of us who are training for something specific, such as a Power Lifting meet, the CrossFit Open, the NPGL, or something similarly specialized & focused, but if we’re going to the gym or hauling our iron piles out into the yard to get into shape, or to see better versions of ourselves, there is no reason for us to be breaking our muscles past the point of no return. One theory holds that injuries caused from such over-ambition are one of the leading causes of the January Gym Crew weeding itself out by February, leaving resolutions & healthy bodies for next December’s credit balance.

Start slow, train smart, focus on establishing discipline and your time will surely come . . . and, you’ll be fit & ready to enjoy it . . . immensely.



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