The Starvation Diet

Calories in vs. Calories out (CiCo– pronounced ‘psy-cho’), or some combination of those words, seems to be a popular approach to dieting, which seems to be a popular method of weight loss, which is a politically correct way to say fat loss.

Just a few words in, we see how a simple idea isn’t so simple. There is a simple solution to our question, but Calories in vs. Calories out isn’t it.

Our problem with going CiCo is that it relies strictly on malicious caloric restriction, which our bodies can’t use, or even function with. According to the logic of CiCo, we should be able to substitute our daily tub of ice cream with a half a tub of ice cream and with no other modifications, be beach bound & ready in no time flat. Put that way, the error of the method is obvious. Half the junk is still junk.

Maliciously starving our bodies will not deliver results. There are some fasting methods that are great & dandy for detox & cleansing, but just cutting our food intake by half, or any other fraction doesn’t accomplish anything. The art of strengthening & leaning our bodies requires nutrition, and heaping amounts of dedication  & discipline.

The gradual transition to clean eating is our goal, but as sure as we agree on this, someone will happily point out that vegetables & lean meats have fewer calories than junk food, and I told you so, and haha, it’s cool to be CiCo . . . fine. They can speak all they want, it doesn’t change anything except the quality of air we breathe.

If you love to eat and like to do it frequently, you can transition to a diet of fresh vegetables & lean meats and NOT have to subject your body to the torture of calorie restriction. Those sweet, generous nutrients will take care of you. In fact, you may find that you may not be able to eat as much or as often as you once practiced. More food than you know what to do with? That sounds like a better approach to food than does starvation.

Going CiCo does more than make us irritable & hungry. Our metabolic process, the means by which we burn fat, gets confused and all but shuts down. Maybe not an entire, walk-off-the-picket-lines-shutdown, but it slows enough that we rapidly notice the effects of what we didn’t want. Our metabolism is a part of us, a reflection of us; and like us, it needs to be fed, watered & walked to take care of us.

When you hear someone say “eating clean,” it’s best not to overthink what that means, or what that might mean. Everyone has their unique definition and their unique approach to clean eating, but think of “clean” in terms of nutrients. Sugars & preservatives are not clean, and have no place in your new Strong & Lean lifestyle.

There are many details that were skipped over in the making of this post, but this was not meant to be an exhaustive study into the fault of Malicious Starvation diets. If you have anything to add, or ask, please do so in the comments below, and let’s get the conversation going!


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