Christmas F-Words

Fa la la la Family, fa la la la Friends, fa la la la Fitness . . . we at CraseFit encourage the use & deployment of the F-words . . . it just isn’t Christmas without them.

The group is stronger than the individual, socially & muscularly. Self sufficiency is a thing of the past, or never was a thing at all . . . it’s hard to tell. We can spend countless hours doing isolation exercises, such as biceps curls, but if your biceps don’t learn to play well with others, they just became thick & kinda pointless.

We can also spend countless hours in isolation, but if we don’t learn to play well with others, life gets kinda sad.

This time of year is cold & dark. This time of year we kinda slack off from our muscle goals & fitness aspirations. Loneliness & lethargy go hand in hand, it seems. Which seems to mean that even loneliness doesn’t like to be alone.

As much as we’d like, we can’t train hard year round, we need down time. Even the social-est butterflies need quiet time. We slouch, we brood on the couch or with food. Such things are temporary, but Family, Friends & Fitness are not. Socially & muscularly we need the collective to make it work. Alone we are prone to weakness, together we are subject to strength.

Each week we bring the CraseFit newsletter together to offer you a source of strength, a sense of community, a reminder that you are not, and never will be truly alone. A friend is just a phone call away. Inspiration hides behind the click of an e-mail. Encouragement is the bond of friendship. Strength is the sense of togetherness from the chaos of solitude. It’s never too cold, it’s never too dark.

It may seem the darkest, the coldest time of year, but walk around . . . bundle up & go for a run . . . there’s more light outside those houses than there is the shortest nights of the year. Look at the cars parked in the driveways, there’s more warmth inside those houses than there is on the sandiest beaches of summer. Just because the world is in a slump and only offers darkness and chilly temperatures doesn’t mean that we have to accept it. Together we can make life look & feel how we want it. Together we are strong. That’s true for Family, for Friendship, for Fitness.

Stay strong, stay connected.

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