The Plan of Your Dreams

Sometimes you have to cut your losses. The first few dates were grand, all your friends noticed the glow in your cheeks, the pump of your commitment, the firmness of your resolve, but then one day you’re saying things like I’m sorry, this just isn’t gonna work between us. No, it’s not you, it’s me. Noble words, empty sentiments.

Let’s back up and see what went wrong. The world was spinning, the sun was shining, and you decided you wanted to be around for this magnificent world for as long as possible. Lose weight, gain muscle, trim fat, eat healthy . . . all of the above. You knew you couldn’t do any of those things alone, so you do what any of us would do, you start looking for a partner. Your friends are eager to play matchmaker. You get fixed up, or you meet one on your own. One day it’s just you, the next day you meet the Plan of your dreams.

Starting a Plan is kinda like internet dating. You get a real pretty picture up front, but you never know what’s inside, and for a long term relationship, it’s what’s inside that’s meaningful.

Sometimes commitment isn’t the problem, and despite the words you say, it’s not you, it’s me, you aren’t the problem. The Plan is the problem. Yeah, it looked good up front, even made you feel pretty good for a few weeks, but then one day, one seemingly sad day . . . something . . . isn’t . . . working.

Cut your losses, bub. You and the Plan were never meant to be. It’s the Goal you’re focused on, not the path. There are countless paths to your goal, but there’s only one you. Some will not be a good fit, but we don’t give up on the goal. We don’t lose that first spark, we just bury it under guilt and the inability to recognize self-worth. You want it, it’s yours . . . the Goal, not the Plan. Never quit moving, you’ll find your way. When you find the Plan meant for you, you’ll know it. Until then, keep your spark, cherish your goal, and never, ever settle.


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