Eat Healthy and Exercise A Lot

He stands for truth, justice, and the American Way, he is Super Cooper! Since he was old enough to hold his head upright, I’ve been launching him over my head while saying that, and ever since he started smiling, he’s been practicing every time I say it. Now, he’s old enough to help design the CraseFit logo for this week’s newsletter. (See 10-11-13CraseFitNewsletter)

He’s my buddy, my sometimes workout partner, and my son. He also teaches me that I talk a lot and practice little. Yeah, we line up over the weights, he grabs his little 7lb kettlebell and asks me if his back is straight before thrusting his little hips into a picture perfect kettlebell swing, and I show him how dad cleans and presses a heckuva lot of weight overhead without injury. Sounds ideal, and in the weight pile it is.

But something’s amiss in the grocery store . . . oh, no kettlebells, no barbells, but there is a big dumbbell pushing the cart up & down the aisles, shoveling all the stuff that’s bad for the little one . . . but it isn’t for the little one, usually, oh no, this dumbbell looks out for himself in the Little Debbie aisle. No, son, you’re right, that IS junk food. Dad’s got issues, but I don’t want you to develop them. Okay? What am I saying, why do I even talk sometimes? It really is painful to hear your own voice, it’s even more painful to hear what you said come from someone else’s mouth.

Something else I’m learning from him: grown ups always take the most boring route to get anywhere. Somehow ‘the shortest distance between two points is a straight line’ became ‘the only distance between two points is a straight line.’ That kid doesn’t need to exercise . . . everything he does keeps that metabolism stoked. We can’t get from the car to the grocery store without him performing the equivalent physical output of sprinting up & over Mt. Everest in under a minute. Follow that boy! We’re hurdling cars, scaling light poles, handstands on the shopping carts . . . man, if we never outgrew this, gyms & magic weight loss pill companies would be outta business and quick.

But some people do outgrow that. Getting from point A to point B begrudgingly becomes less about fun, and more about geometry . . . uh, thank God I suck at geometry. Still, the world catches up with us in one way or another. We need gyms . . . magic weight loss pills, not so much . . . we need weights, we need workout times, routines, iron, running shoes, bicycles, hiking trails, sunny days in the park, low lying tree branches, creeks, motivation, inspiration, perspiration . . . something, anything to keep us moving, because everything we want starts with movement, and if you don’t have movement, you ain’t gettin’ very far. Life wants you to move. Movement is truth, movement is just, movement is the only way . . .

Eat healthy and exercise a lot. ~Super Cooper


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