Potential and Actualization

It started out with a kiss . . . how’d it end up like this? ~The Killers

The warm kiss of potential, followed by the cool evening of actualization. Kinda like our blessed Fall: it’s cool, it’s warm, it’s cool again. Each of us is somewhere on that scale between potential and actualization. When we’re born we have all the potential we’re ever gonna have, and there begins the slow march towards actualization, also known as realizing our potential.

Potential doesn’t mean much if we don’t do anything with it. It sits there on our couch, watches our TV, eats our bags of potato chips, and just like us, doesn’t care for the baked kind. Potential is all it’s ever gonna be . . . until it gets up off the couch. That’s the first step towards actualization, and oddly enough, that’s also the first step towards fitness, which is the first step towards health. Getting up begins the process of movement, and we love movement around here. It’s what makes life grand, it’s what makes life life. Without movement, we don’t have much. Neither potential nor actualization.

Without challenges, the human body will soften. We thrive when we push our boundaries, reach goals, and blast personal records. We perform better, we look better, and we feel alive. ~Dan John

The view from Potential looks nice and feels safe. It’s like you can see everything from there. Wide panoramic views, breathtaking scenery. Mmm hmm, we like Potential. Actualization is scary. It’s way down the road, past one, two, maybe three or more horizons. We set off on our journey, see the road start to narrow, wonder if this is all there is, chicken out, and return to Potential. It’s wide, it’s open, it’s bright. The whole world is before us. Great. Now what?

Taking that first step is scary, watching the wide road narrow, wondering what lies at the end of this path, or if we’ll even make it.

Everything we know about the difference between Potential and Actualization is a trick in perception. As we begin our slow march, the road narrows, and we focus on that narrowing road, speculating that once the road narrows enough, we’ll be boxed into a tight little place. It’s a trick, don’t fall for it. The road narrows for your benefit, to keep you on the path. Actualization is a wider view, more scenery, and even greater potential.

Birth may be 100% potential, but death is not 100% actualization. Get up, start moving. Potential is the talk, Actualization is the walk, and we all know how that saying goes.
Let’s walk. Shall we?


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