Seasons Roll on By

September’s long shadows reach back, lifting the chin of an aging August. We still have hours stacked upon hours for daylight training, but the lure of cinnamon and pumpkin spice threatens our bellies & muscles with a long winter’s nap. We can look at the shadows as warnings of lengthening nights, or we can look to their appetite for light as inspiration to seek the same.

Springtime is somewhat easier. We have the long mirror of summer to look and reflect on what we’d like to see. A healthy portion of running, slathered in crunches, maybe a side of weights, and we rinse it all down with a splash of sweat.

Autumn, your coloring moods, your darkening blues & mixing of hues, it all seems so, uh, it seems so . . . serious . . . Autumn, you can’t be serious? It’s still summer at CraseFit HQ, but we appreciate your ambition. See ya soon, okay?

The little man has racked up seven years as of today, and when it comes to the iron, he’s no slouch. Nothing too heavy, we don’t want to stunt his upward growth, but technique he learns, and for the pump he yearns. You could do much worse than having a long legged bundle of energy as a workout partner. Inspiration, motivation & dedication works both ways.

Times like these we get to appreciate the cycles of life & seasonry. Not every day is an adventure in the up & up like it is when you’re seven, and even back then, it may not have seemed like it. The shade of cool shadows and brisk paces into autumn’s infant breezes are good places to check, reflect, and recheck our progress. Where we’re going starts here, not in the spring. Today. Now. Inspire. Motivate. Dedicate.

Everyday is a chance to improve.


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