Movement Day (Learning to Feel)

ancient exercises“First move well, then move often.” ~Gray Cook

In the backyard on all fours, every muscle I own, and a few I’m just leasing, is on fire. The kids stand in the yard, mouths gaping and laughing hysterics at the old guy “crawling like a dog . . . no, a baby!” Bear crawl, kiddos . . . it doesn’t matter. Funny is funny, and the old man crawling through the grass is funny.

Bear crawl across the yard, splashing a sooty layer of dirt on my hands, feet stained like a bare-footed grocery shopper, wide-grip a section of PVC pipe, thrust out a bundle of overhead squats. Do enough of them and weight or lack of weight doesn’t matter. Good form, fast form. Welcome to Movement Day at CraseFit HQ.

Back on all fours, crawl back to my kettlebell, grunt out a bushel of two handed swings. Crawl, squat, crawl, swing . . . repeat until your smile can’t catch a breath. There is no path to happiness. This is the path and this is happiness.

Along the path is a balance beam made from a 1×3. It probably once aspired to be a 2×4, but fell short, and became something greater. Hoist the kettlebell with one arm high overhead and walk the balance beam. Switch hands, then repeat. This is an awkward dance with no right feet.

Drop the iron, wrestle the pipe from the ground, leap up, up & away to a stout wooden bench, and pump out some more overhead squats. Repeat until you lose count . . .

There’s a calculated frenzy built into today’s workout bordering on mayhem. A casual onlooker might laugh that we’re just making this up as we go along. Very wise, Mr. or Mrs. Casual Onlooker, here’s a bottle of water for your efforts. Please don’t drink it all, the unplanned hill sprints and forward rolls make me thirsty. Thirstier than a baby, thirstier than a dog, and much thirstier than a bear.

“The body doesn’t know anything about numbers. It only knows about movement patterns and sensations. How you FEEL should be your number one indicator or adequate training and practice. Feel amazing and don’t settle for less. You’ve got one life. At the end of your journey you will have forgotten all the details and numbers of your programs. But you will never forget how they made you feel.” ~Erwan Le Corre

Stay moving, my friends.


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