Eat Clean Every Time

Eat CleanOur average, off the shelf, shiny new diets usually fail because of the Undernourishment Principle, aka, we don’t get enough to eat. Try as we might, and mightily we try, we can’t blame the diets. What we need is a new philosophy, a new way to think about food, something less shiny and more functional. You know, something like a theory . . . but a theory that hasn’t failed us a hundred times before, a theory not-tethered by a yo-yo string . . . a theory that is legal tender at Muscle & Strength Banks world wide.

We’ve all heard the tired mantra of the Undernourishment Principle: calories in vs. calories out . . . golly, it’s so simple. True simplicity has low failure rates. Calories in vs, Calories out has the highest failure rate of any philosophy since sugar free Pixie Stix.

Our bodies don’t practice turning the other cheek. No, our bodies are retaliatory, ruthless, and bloated with revenge. No matter how spiffy the theory looks on paper . . . mmmm, paper’s edible right . . . I mean, it won’t hurt you . . . I can just fast forward to my cheat day . . . uhhhhhh . . .

Instead, what if we begin looking at food as fuel, rather than food as flavor? We’re not picketing in protest of flavor per se, but if flavor is the only thing your food has going for you, then it really has nothing going for you.

We need fats for stored energy, carbs for quick-access energy, and protein for our muscles, which we need to expend energy. Most diets eliminate one or more of these food sources under the guise of calorie restriction. No way, not us. We eat based on our needs. Well, we’re practicing anyway. Yeah? We like to move, we like to groove.

Veggies hang out with all the cool nutrients & vitamins. If you want to get invited to better parties, spend more times with Veggies.  There’s no real reason to be exclusive with them, but quality friends are good friends, and you can never have enough of those.

Concerned more with our health than the advanced mathematics of addition & subtraction, we eat to fuel, plain & simple. It really isn’t a “diet” so to speak as it is a way of living, and living well. Diets come and go, but living is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Do it right, do it well.

Keep movin’, keep groovin’


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