Philosophy of Action

Some days are diamonds, some days are coal. Even if I get burned out from time to time, I try hard not to fade away. Maybe it’s my life’s purpose . . .  to not fade away. Maybe not. Too thick with the philosophy this early.

There’s a lot of health & fitness information out there. My inbox is full of it, the internet is full of it, bookstores are full of it . . . yeah, that it. It seems like everyone is trying to sell you something. I’m not miserly about it, I just don’t think God-given health is something that requires our debit cards. Of course it has a price, but our dues are paid for with effort, determination & action, not plastic, promises & debt.

Maybe I’m one of the lucky ones. I have other talents that pay my bills, feeds my family, keeps my house our home. As much as I’d like to devote all my time to fitness for you, for me, for us, I have nothing to sell you. Short of an unlikely inheritance, this isn’t going to change. Day job, here I am.

Nothing to sell, but plenty to offer. This is how I make diamonds from coal. Yeah, there’s a lot of fluff out there, a lot of sales pitches, a lot of must-have fads, and brothers & sisters, I’m here to tell ya, I sort through it all. Sometimes quickly, sometimes thoughtfully. There’s also a lot of good information out there, but it’s almost always buried in sales fluff.

Call it a vagabond approach to fitness. Go to what works, leave what doesn’t. Students of many, disciples of none. CrossFit works, P90X works, burpees in the back yard works, sprints in the park and creek hops work, bicycling works, supermarket gyms on the corner works, Zumba works, kettlebells work, bear crawls work . . . with so many things that work, the only real question is: What works for you?

There’s a certain freedom in not being tightly bound by any one school of thought. It’s as much freedom for a dynamic approach as it is freedom from static dullness. Fitness, like the life it complements, is a journey. Each journey is unique, each journey is overflowing with abundance & potential.

Above all, our freedom requires action. That’s why we got soul . . . to turn the idea into action. (So much philosophy this morning.) Translating thoughts into action, that’s what I do, what I offer. Can I help you?


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