For a Slosh Pipe and a Really Good Time, Call . . .

slosh pipeCenter of Gravity Training, or COG Training . . . now there’s a meticulous idea waiting to produce fruit.

I’m always amazed how many new ideas are out there in the fields of Fitness & Strength. Yesterday I was minding my own business, reading a few pages of Dan John’s Never Let Go . . . which I guess doesn’t really count as minding my own business, per se, but you see what I did there . . . and I came across mention of this fancy little contraption called a Slosh Pipe.

Furthering my amusement, when I Googled this scientific wonder, I find the picture used for this post and a link to the website A Girl Walks Into a Bar(bell). More evidence that there is always something fresh & interesting. You just have to be willing to look.

As you can see from the picture, a Slosh Pipe is simply a large section of PVC pipe capped at both ends and filled with water. When you lift the pipe, the water shifts, wreaking havoc on your balance and Center of Gravity. Sounds good time-ish!

Anyway, the picture is probably all the information you need about constructing one of these little gems, so I won’t bog you down with added an explanation. I see a trip to the hardware store in my immediate future . . .


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