The Cost of Maintaining CrossFit

GlassmanShame on me, I don’t really keep up with business blogs, articles, anything that would really help me start and run a little business of my own . . . even thought doing just that is always the thought in back of my mind. It’s the entrepreneurial spirit, that drive that makes our economy work, or flounder in cases of excessive regulation . . . okay, better not get into that.

Whatever your thoughts are on Greg Glassman and the seeming ’empire’ he has created, he seems to be the one person in the chaos of the fluctuating free-market who conceived and delivered a simple idea (isn’t hindsight grand?) without all the usual MBA-business-model-textbook jargon-esque methods.

The article touches on it, and without getting too politically maudlin, CrossFit appears to be the ideal business model for Libertarian beliefs.

Do Not Cross CrossFit, by Burt Helm, is an outstanding view of CrossFit from a business perspective. Maybe it is or isn’t in each of us to use this model, or to replicate any portion of it, but even to a non-business junky, this is a very provocatively informational article.

Do Not Cross CrossFit, by Burt Helm.


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