Event Safety & Security at the World’s Largest 10K

PRROh yes, Peachtree time! My cup is excitement running over. Start Wave D, D as in Delta, Dang!, Dashing Dog . . . okay, a bit of a stretch, but that’s one side effect of exuberant excitement. How do I know this? This cool little page over at Track Shack, which is available to you too. As long as we’re being over-anxious & nerdy about the whole event, we might as well check out Start Waves & Times.

Aside from being an outlet for our excitement, those web pages, and the information we collect & internalize from them, is functional & necessary. In simpler words, it’s good to be prepared.

We have many reasons, desires & fears that cause us to want to be prepared. In response to the cowardly terroristic actions of Boston this past April, the nice folks at the Atlanta Track Club & the Peachtree Road Race Committee have gone to great lengths to ensure your safety and provide vigilant security along this year’s route. Details about event security and race safety can be found here.

As usual, the morning of July 4th is going to be an awesome time for a nice run, a quick jaunt, or a speedy sprint down Atlanta’s colorful Peachtree Street. Hope to see you all at Lenox Mall or Piedmont Park!


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