Chasing the Edge

KettlebellThis brief post is from the 6-07-13 CraseFit Newsletter, which you can read in it’s entirety by clicking the pretty link, and getting a free downloadable pdf in the process. (Makes a great gift for Father’s Day, and also looks impressive on the wall of your bedroom or garage gym . . . just sayin’.) But, just for fun, here’s an excerpt from the piece for your immediate gratification and sudden contemplation:

I read that Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, and no, I didn’t write that one. Wish I had, not quite as uplifting has “Bring Your Kettlebell to Work Day,” but a remarkably close second. And, well, that’s really what this is all about. The weights, the calisthenics, activities in the sunshine beyond the sweat threshold, those are all certainly beyond our comfort zone. Life begins there. It’s true, I read it.

More than that, it’s a daily experience. It’s those uncomfortable moments of uncertainty that make life worthwhile. I can’t find a single diary entry that says: “June 6, 2010 . . . sat on couch . . . watched TV . . . who cares what.” That may have well happened, but beyond a casual Facebook status update, you really don’t care that you did that, and you certainly don’t expect that it would motivate anyone else to do the same. Do you?

“Spent the day walking my dog up & around the mountain . . . Max bench pressed 27lbs, woohoo! . . . Climbed a tree with my son, first time in years I’ve done anything that crazy . . .”  Those are the moments you remember. Those are the moments where you feel your life begin. Chase them, pursue them, let them seduce you.

So, what think you, dear reader? Where is the edge of your Comfort Zone? Are you willing to go there? Will you stay, linger, explore? The adventure itself is always worth the cost of the journey.

Comments encouraged and always welcome!


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