The Beastly Sixth

The sun leaps over houses and into the yard, heating up the iron for speed & persistence. Five sets set us up for great effort, but it is the sixth, the Beastly Sixth that slaughters us and leaves us spent over the heat of the sweaty weightpile. This is a quick workout, so let’s cut to the chase:

Five Reps of the following sequence:

  • 15 dumbbell (or kettlebell, if you have one) swings, each arm
  • 15 bench presses
  • 15 dumbbell flies
  • 15 stiff arm pullovers

Which brings us to a total of 75 reps of each exercise. But we’re left wanting more, wanting completion, desiring the evenness offered by the number 100. So, being the compassionate compensators that we are, we venture into the Beastly Sixth set:

  • 25 swings, each arm
  • 25 bench presses
  • 25 dumbbell flies
  • 25 stiff arm pullovers

The Beastly Sixth will break you out of your self-designed rut. Reaching the number 15 of each exercise feels like a finality, a completion, a success, but you still must dig down and uncover the additional ten to complete the prescription.

If you’re one of those extra-credit types, enlightened achievers of the Iron Game, you can pepper the Beastly Sixth by synchronizing leg lifts, or leg lift & holds with each rep on the horizontal plane.

Go forth and make jolly, it’s worth the effort, all of it, even the extra credit.


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