Sample CraseFit Newsletter

Well, gee, isn’t this unprecedented? My weekly newsletter posted as blog content. Well, I like sharing, and this seemed like a productive item to share. It’s free ya know, but the motivation and encouragement it provides to many has already proven invaluable. So, without overdoing the ado:

Welcome back, not-so-strangers!

Imagine a big guy in a little car. What’s he doin’ in there, anyway? Shouldn’t he be bullying around town in some midget-monster-mobile, unable to find a suitable parking spot? This example is very near & dear to my heart, and my skin. People ask all the time, Uh, how d’ya get in & out of that thing? Efficiency, try it. Make the most of what you got, it goes a lot farther than you might imagine.

The last two weeks without my blessed gym time should have driven me to the madhouse. Yes, I am a flesh bag full of assorted functional disorders, and probably belong in some madhouse. Instead, I self-medicate. Barbells, dumbbells, straps, tree logs, jump ropes, heavy bags, running shoes, mountain bikes . . . these are some of my medications, and I’ll dose on them liberally just to avoid going back . . . there . . .

Inside the gym, outside the gym, it doesn’t matter. I mean not to blaspheme or sacrilege my gym, I do love it dearly, but sometimes it just doesn’t fit in what everyone else expects of me. A personal arsenal of weightpile and assorted torture devices does the trick just as well, sometimes better. You ever haul your own pile of medications out into the yard and force out some sweat in the clear light of day? Just me & my mistress, the Sun. I humor her with various poses of muscular anticipation, and she rewards my antics with healthy doses of Vitamin D. She gives a nice tan job too, but we don’t kiss & tell, do we?

Like the car, it doesn’t take much to get you where you want to go. As I enter that netherland of what people want to call Middle Age (Chaucer, anyone?) I wonder if I shouldn’t swap my life savings to some huckster with a bagful of workout goodies. You know, outfit my entire house & yard to make my own Disneyland version of a gym? And, I’m right, I shouldn’t. You shouldn’t either, but you probably don’t have reason to entertain such ridiculous thoughts. No, instead, we, like Johnny Cash, do it one piece at a time. Maybe two sometimes. Buying one dumbbell seems appropriately named, but you get my drift. Find a medicative structure that speaks to you, take it home, make a bed for it in the garage, and get to know it better each day as the Sun smiles seductive promises high overhead.

Over time, you’ll get what you need, materially, physically & mentally. With a little knowledge and a lot of creativity, you can have your body humming towards a healthier lifestyle without burdensome trips to the gym, and without the myriad excuses it entails. If your medicine is right outside your door, you might trip on it, and we don’t want that. So what do you do? Move it, like good Bomber Boys & Babes. Why stop now? You’ve already moved that medicine ball once. Keep going, take it out in the yard. Throw it around 10 to 15 times. Wave at the Sun. Throw it some more. See, isn’t that fun?

We don’t need rigid structure to be disciplined. Just focus, a map, and a suitable parking spot. Oh, and maybe some sunscreen.

God loves you and I dig you.
Be fit, live strong.

P.S. As always, the CraseFit newsletters are available for pdf download. Always free, and always available.

P.S.S. If you know anyone in need of some weekly positive deposits in their inbox, send ‘em my way and I’ll get them on this quickly growing e-mail list. No questions asked.



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