Received my Skoras!

It was a good day, coming home from a long work trip, leaving the hotel life behind and walking into my house, seeing my family, and oh, what’s that? A box? In the mail? For me? Looks like a shoe box. They said they were sending some . . .

SKORA_COREThey did! They did! (Imagine the little guy from Fantasy Island for full effect) Lucky for me, I was already in my <ahem> more presentable workout attire. Crammed in a car, ambushed by 7 or so hours worth of, uh, “less than intelligent” left-lane hoarders & creepers, I felt ready to pick up something heavy, fast, put it down, slow, rinse, repeat. Nothing fancy, just wanted to see what picking up weights felt like in my new digs. Is that what cooler people than me call shoes? If I have to ask . . . there’s my answer.

SKORA_CORE2Well, as much as I hate to disappoint, this is not the official, preferred review of these fine digs . . . shoes . . . whatever. Consider it a primer. A preparatory course in what my first official review will cover.  In all fairness, I’m still getting used to them, but <SPOILER ALERT> I am getting used to them fast & frequently . . . something about taking them off seems so . . . um, pointless, and well, so far I just don’t ever want to take them off.

SKORA_CORE3So, in the immortal words of that overgrown goofy dog, Marmaduke, “Wait for it, wait for it,” because once I get a few more CrossFit style workouts belted outta my system, I will be sharing with you my well-articulated <ahem, cough, haha> “thoughts” on the Skora Core shoes for CrossFit. Stay tuned, and stay gold, Pony Boy.


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