13.5 Photos

Besides the Arnold’s Sports Classic, this is the one event of this year I most wish I could have attended. Santa Cruz. California. Birthplace of CrossFit. Sushi . . . sorry, I went to California a few years ago and my most loving memory is the sushi I had at some restaurant off the Pacific Coast Highway. 13.5 in Santa Cruz, California, and Sushi served by a laid back surfer girl. Geez, who wouldn’t want that life, even if only for a day?

Since I wasn’t there, I thought it’d be cute to post some pictures, you know, to make me think I was . . . just in case I hit my head and forget to read this intrusive preamble. Pictures. Trick myself into thinking I was there. I’m not tricking you, you’re smarter than that. You do read, right? Even if you don’t, I’m sure you have a leg up on me in the brains department. I’ve got you beat in the imagination department. Something about turnabout and fair play. I don’t believe in the latter. So, back to my wandering imagination:

DaveCastroDave Castro talking about 13.5 and Bloody Marys. Maybe Elizabeth Bathory. Well, he did say “bloodbath,” and that seemed to perk everyone up.

13point5AMRAPThis was the workout. Kind of hurts just to read, yeah? Imagine what the other side of 200 looks like.

13point5WYeah, Samantha, you tell her what’s what. Camille = what the other side of 200 looks like, but with a better view.

13point5Rich Froning. The number one reason people visit this blog. I’ve got stats to prove it. Jason Khalipa wearing Froning’s home gym t-shirt. Mind-game or respect? Hopefully a little of both. Beast, meet Beast.

Chest to BarI just wish they would have called this one ‘Fran and the Marquis de Sade had a baby and named it Rosemary.’ Who knows, maybe I’ll go viral . . . internet-ly speaking, of course.

Well, that was my not-trip to California. Santa Cruz. Sushi. See? I told you I can’t shake that memory. Who cares if rolled white rice is or isn’t in the Paleo, you gotta take what you read with a shot of soy sauce.

Thanks again for stopping by. 🙂

(*All photos courtesy of the 2013 CrossFit Games. I really appreciate them not bothering to sue me, or even talk about copyright etiquette, of which I have none.)


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