The CrossFit Bloodbath

Yep, Dave Castro called it that, in a video anticipating the announcement of 13.5, the final qualifying workout in the 2013 CrossFit Games. The full article, and links to the video, was written as Dave Castro gives insight to 13.5. What in the world could he mean by “a bloodbath?” These guys and gals at CrossFit have become masters at the art of self-promotion, but at least they always deliver the goods, so stay tuned to see.

Wall ShotsThis picture was floating around yesterday, and now I know I liked it for many reasons. First, I recently started the Heart Healthy Summer Jump Rope Challenge on Facebook (feel free to join us!) and to get some numbers in, took my jump rope with me to break up the monotony of wall ball shots with my medicine ball when I went to the gym yesterday. My jump rope is made of plastic coated aircraft cable, and stings nicely when I whack myself with lazy, degenerating form as the numbers climb. That little sting is my reminder to stop, reset, and resume.

So now, Castro predicts a bloodbath. Maybe “predicts” isn’t the right word, since he is the guy who comes up with the qualifying workouts. Regardless, tonight should be a fun night, seeing the workout announcement and watching Jason Khalipa compete against reigning 2-time champ, Rich Froning.

Now the race is on and here comes Pride up the back stretch,
Heartache’s a goin’ to the inside, My Tears are holding back, tryin’ not to fall. ~Grateful Dead

Maybe it won’t be so dramatic, maybe it will. Tune in and see!DaveCastro


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