Heart Healthy Summer

JumpropeHappy April 1st! This is no day for fools, today we start our Heart Healthy Summer Jump Rope Challenge that will last for the next 57 days, concluding on May 27th, Memorial Day. Single-unders, double-unders, anything counts as long as the rope passes under your feet and over your head.

  • Option A- 10,000 jumps
  • Option B- 5,000 jumps

This challenge is short, only 57 days from start to finish, so to complete Option A, you should be clocking in almost 200 jump ropes a day, and 100 a day for Option B.

Just in time for the unofficial start of Summer . . . get your heart pumpin’, your body workin’, be fit, and live strong!

Heart Healthy Summer is a Facebook Group and set to Closed, but you can add anyone you like, anyone who may benefit, anyone who would like to participate. Only members can view, post and comment on updates and posts.

Our recent challenge, 10,000 for Spring, was a HUGE success, with many people completing 10,000 pushups between October 29th and March 20th, the first day of Spring.

There are many fitness options available for you around town and on the net, and despite what some people might tell you, most of them WILL work as long as you stick to whatever program you choose. Our Heart Healthy Summer is also a program that will work for you and your health/fitness/weight loss goals, but beyond that, it is also a community that offers encouragement, motivation, accountability, and will inspire you towards success. There is no prerequisite or charge to join, so if you or anyone you know might benefit, we will welcome you.

As always, you can follow Fitness & Health happenings & exploits on my CraseFit Facebook Page.

To help get you started, here are a few links that may be of service to you:

Be fit, live strong, and Thank you! 🙂


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