Good Be With You

Whoever or whatever came up with Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon) is some sort of God/devil hybrid, I thought this morning, during my MetCon workout. Then the brilliant revelation that 1) I do my own programming, and 2) each one of us is a God/devil hybrid.

Workouts are kind of like meditation. My head is in the game, focusing on form, body mechanics, and so on, but workouts are very introspective times for me. Whatever is going on in the world doesn’t really consume me, but events fade in and out of my thoughts between making sure my knees stay behind my toes and my ass breaks parallel during squats, my chest touches the ground and my knees approach my chest during burpees, and any other possible infraction I can consider to give myself a no-rep. As in, that one didn’t count. 100% effort and 99% form is not a full rep. Do over, keep counting. Yes, I’m very hard on me, but I wouldn’t bother if my fitness wasn’t worth it. I think that I am worth it.

Each one of us possess the capacity for good and for evil. Recent events remind me of that. Tragedies always demonstrate our hybrid nature. Someone comes in, does something evil, and no matter how bad it is, good takes over and shows us that goodness is still possible, that it will not be beat. Good does not erase evil, but as we’ve seen, and continue to see, evil never suppresses the chance for good.

What’s going to happen? I have no idea. What makes the hurt go away? We all bring individual attributes to our hybrid nature, so I can’t answer that for you, and you can’t answer that for me. Sometimes I have to immerse myself in self-induced physical suffering to make the hurt of the outside world go away.

This self-induced physical suffering is called my workout, and it varies from day to day. Some exercises work better than others, and these I keep. Some exercises only work well in certain combinations with other exercises, and peppering my workouts with these assorted combinations is the closest I come to routine. None of this may work for you. All of this may work for you. Put down the bottle and give me a chance. If our workouts don’t help you feel better, you can always go back to what you think works for you.

Enact pain by your own standards. Revel in the recovery. Thank God for resilience. Thank God you can feel. Thank God for you. You’ve been given the gift of life, how can you show that you are thankful? Always answer evil with good, and always cure pain with health.

Go towards good. Good be with you, even if it hurts to get there.


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