Don’t Sit Around Here No More

sitting1Hey! What are you looking for?

It’s bad. Real bad. You know it is. You feel it. Spreading through your ass, down your leg, that weird tingling sensation. Your body pleading with you to get up, to get moving. It pleads by introducing a little discomfort, maybe a quick round of pain.

Get up, now. Walk around. Stretch. Your body wants to be taken care of, it wants you to be in charge. You are in charge, aren’t you? We don’t want Laziness or Lethargy being in charge, do we? Those guys are trouble and only look out for themselves. No compassion.

Measured periods of sitting around, whether working at your computer, watching TV, or somehow managing to do even less, have demonstrated slower metabolisms. (That’s the mechanism that your body uses to help you look more like you want to look.) Insulin and Glucose levels are consistently higher when you sit for an hour or more than when you get up and move a few times during that same hour. Insulin and Glucose are the sworn enemies of your Metabolism. The Big M wants to help you, the I & G want to hurt you. Fat storage, diabetes, increased risk of heart disease are some of the results of increased Insulin and Glucose levels. Bad news, no matter how you measure it.

Lucky for us, and our employment status, the answer isn’t quite as extreme as some people might have you believe. Yes, busting out with 100 burpees every hour, or running in place for 10 minute stretches would certainly do some good, but measured experience has shown that simply taking three 2-minute walking breaks every hour helps limit Insulin and Glucose levels, as well as keeps your Metabolism burning that bad stuff.

Don’t confuse this simple solution with recommended daily exercise. You still need something a little more strenuous to get your body in good working order, but simply getting off your seated tush for 6 minutes, or 1/10th of every hour, helps you combat the negative effects of sitting.

Merry Christmas and God Bless,
~The Bald Bomber


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