10,000 for Spring

10,000 for Spring is a fitness challenge to do 10,000 pushups, 10,000 crunches, and walk/run 100 miles by the first day of Spring, March 20, 2013. As of today, December 7, 2013, you have 103 days, and this equals 98 pushups and crunches every day, and run/walk .98 of a mile each day. You can divide it up however you want: 49 pushups and crunches in the morning, 49 at night, round it up to 100 per day, etc. On the 10,000 for Spring Facebook page you can post your tallies while getting motivated by and motivating others to do the same. Anyone can be invited to the group, but must be members to see and post results. The longer you wait to join, the more daily reps you will have to complete to reach 10,000 by March 20, 2013.

The idea for 10,000 for Spring  is that the long, cold winter months are kind of a drain on the psyche, and all those delicious holidays make long lasting investments on our belt line. Instead of just trudging through, and dealing with all the negative emotions and negative physical responses of winter as business as usual, we have organized a fitness group to help you stay healthy, motivated, happy, and a few steps of the “Oh, I’ve got to get my body ready for beach season!” curve that we face every year.

Even if you can’t do 98+ pushups or crunches a day, or if .98 miles a day is too much for you right now, you’re still invited to participate and keep track of how close you do get. Say you can only do half of the prescription . . . that’s 5,000 more pushups and crunches, as well as 50 miles you walked or ran that you might not have otherwise considered. We welcome your company and participation, no matter your ability.

Anyway, the time for action is now! Check out 10,000 for Spring on Facebook, and if you or someone you know is interested, join the fun of our group and get inspired to get fit!

Stout hugs and tight abs,
~Bald & Bearded Bar Bender


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