Lemon LeMond


Call me a cynic, I promise it won’t hurt my feelings. It just seems like Greg LeMond has a lot to gain by erasing Lance Armstrong’s name from the Tour de France victory roster. Maybe I just have a propensity for conspiracy, but LeMond’s latest goodwill bidding to run the UCI in place of Tom McQuaid seems a little suspect.

(Read the latest HERE to understand where I’m coming from, otherwise I’m just typing an incoherent mess.)

That’s just me. I have no idea if other people think that, but it is a question I would kind of like to ask, but I know better, because even if my theory held water, there’s no way LeMond would admit, “yes, I want to re-highlight my own three victories in the Tour de France, and I would have gotten away with it too if it hadn’t been for you meddling kids.

Okay, we’re not talking about Old Man Smithers of Scooby Doo fame, we’re talking about Greg LeMond, 3x winner of the Tour de France, and the first American to do so.

LeMond seems convinced that Armstrong is guilty of the doping charges brought against him by the USADA posse, and recently said, “I still would love to see Armstrong come forward and reveal how, and I might even shake his hand if he would do this, because I think what he could offer is insight into really what was happening … things don’t happen by themselves. It was a huge effort by multiple people and he alone can reveal that. It would be one redeeming thing he could do for cycling, because he has done a lot of damage for cycling.

He [Lance] has done a lot of damage for cycling? I can’t say that I’m yet convinced of that, Greg. I see a lot of people on road bikes, and a lot of “share the road” campaign stickers that I didn’t see before Lance began his winning streak. I see the sport of Triathlon growing by exponential proportions every time Lance’s name is mentioned in relation to the event . . . Anyway, I don’t have exact facts & figures to back me up, so I’ll just move along for now.

As far as Lance being guilty or innocent, everyone has their opinion, and it doesn’t seem that anything anyone says is going to change anyone else’s thoughts on the subject, so I’ll just keep mine to myself, mostly. As a cyclist and an athlete, I’m very thankful for the contributions Lance made when he made them. And to this day, he still leaves the best legacy of anyone in professional cycling by encouraging, inspiring, and assisting others to Livestrong.

Lots of love,
~The Bald Bomber


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