Running Your First 50

Seductive title? Check.

Article snippet with full link included? Check.

I must have hot the writing jackpot this week. Not only did I squeak out a top rating for my article, Autumn Endurance Events 2012 , but I also found out today that the below article is featured under Ultrarunning on the Examiner Recreation Page. I figured that if they were nice enough to share, I would follow suit and do the same thing.  Please click any of the links to read the full article and get your training schedule started.

This article is for anyone looking to increase their distance. If you’re looking to get started with a 5K, or bump up to a 10K, or stretch it out to a half-marathon, or morph into a full marathon, this article will be useful for you, but since we are in the world of Endurance Sports, we will be discussing ultra-distances . . . Click here or the picture below to read the full article and get all the details on Examiner:

Anyway, I thank you all for bearing with me through this, and hope to see you out on the trails soon enough with your hard won knowledge propelling you up and over sun drenched hills!


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