2012 Olympic Endurance Schedule

Today is the opening ceremonies for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. This is a time when even the most active endurance athletes take time away from the scorching sun and enjoy a little downtime in front of the TV. (Can’t really call it “the tube” anymore, no?)

We all have our favorite events, and you can check the schedule of all events on the Olympic Schedule Mother-list, or if you are willing to trust me a little, I’ve compiled a list of events specific to Endurance oriented athletes, and an expanded list tailored for CrossFit types in an article I just published for Examiner.

Whatever your event of choice, it’s certain to be a great spectacle of endurance, discipline, and fitness!

Considering that Bradley Wiggins (SKY) is the first Brit to win the Tour de France, I’m thinking that the Road Cycling event should be an extra spectacular viewing extravaganza, so tune in to NBC on July 28th & 29th to see for yourself!

Anyway, happy viewing, and check back frequently for result updates.



  1. I’m having a debate with a friend. What is the Summer Games equivalent to curling in the Winter Games, as in a sport that when you watch it on TV you think that it is the one sport you could qualify for in the Olympics?

  2. Anyone else in the United States think that Meredith and Costas nearly ruined the Opening Ceremonies? They were awful. Costas was like Alex Trebeck on Jeopardy. It’s easy to sound like a know it all when you have the cue cards right in front of you.

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