The Warrior Way with Richard Machowicz

Maybe you recognize Richard Machowicz from the TV show Future Weapons, or maybe you read his book, Unleash the Warrior Within.

Recently, Mike Mahler (author of Live Life Aggressively) caught up with Machowicz and interviewed him for Below is a snippet from that interview, or you can read the entire post by clicking any occurrence of the name Machowicz in this post.

‘Obsession’ is the term cynics and critics use instead of ‘dedication’. ~Unknown

When I work with my clients now I tell them that if they can say yes to the following three questions, they have the guts to finish anything:

  • Are you willing to make a choice? Very rarely do people make choices that fundamentally effect their lives. For example, changing channels on the TV is not something that fundamentally effects your life. You have to step up to the plate and make a fundamental life changing choice.
  • Do you have the courage to start now? We get people that make choices but do not do anything to get started. Half the people that made a choice drop out at this stage. They do not take the first step to move in the direction that they want.
  • Do you have the commitment to finish? You can start, but can you finish? This is where most people disappear. Very few people finish. People can start things, but can they see it through the end? Can they be there when it matters?




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