Fighting the Seven

Lance Armstrong, everyone’s favorite (and ONLY) 7-time Tour de France winner, finished in 7th place at the Galveston Ironman 70.3 over the weekend.

Definitely not his best showing (he placed second in his debut 70.3 in Panama) but for all the knockers out there (which there seem to be NO shortage of), I’d say this is still pretty impressive considering he is still relatively new to Triathlon.

Wait, didn’t he race when he was younger? Wasn’t he on the cover of Triathlon Magazine when he was 15? Didn’t all those miles of kicking ass on the bike in France count for something?

Well, yes, to all of those. Most true rookie 40 year old men probably don’t do as well as he has done right out of the gate. But, Triathlon is a very different beast than any single event sport. (Not to say that any one is tougher than the other, but the body still has to acclimate to the situation.)

I’m sure someone who is driven as Lance is can’t just walk away from the arena of physical competition just because of a number we translate as age, but he primary motivation still seems to be raising awareness and money for the Livestrong Foundation which raises money for cancer research and helps cancer victims cope with this horrific disease.

This video from is very funny. Lance is slowing down near the finish line to greet some of his fans, and here comes Jordan Jones pushing past him, just feet before finishing. I’m sure Lance would agree that finishing 6th rather than 7th would be marginally better, but no matter how fit you are, some days are just bad days on the course, and winners deal with this and keep pushing. Looking forward to the Nice 140.6!



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